Protect Your Business With Excellent Alarm System Installation

Protect your home and business with an expertly installed alarm system. Security systems keep your family, employees and belongings safe. Additionally, they provide peace of mind. Instead of worrying about the security of your home or business, you can focus on the things that matter most. Whether you need an alarm system installed, repaired or maintained, the friendly professionals at A/C Low Voltage have the training, knowledge and skills to get the job done.

Get Expert Alarm System Installation In Northwest IN

Security system installation

There are many security and alarm systems available. Some are basic and sound alarms when someone opens a door or window without the appropriate code, while other advanced systems send alerts to your phone or local authorities. A/C Low Voltage team members have nearly three decades of experience installing security and alarm systems. First, we will work with you to understand your security needs and goals. Next, we’ll recommend and install the perfect system for you. Common security and alarm systems include:

  • Fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to detect environmental hazards
  • Video surveillance using wires or wireless technology
  • Electric current systems, which rely on sensors 
  • Unmonitored systems, which emit sounds and lights when tripped

Monitored systems, which alert you and the authorities

Alarm system maintenance

Maintaining your alarm system is crucial. If you or a service technician don’t perform routine maintenance, your system may malfunction or fail, jeopardizing your home or business. Maintenance includes cleaning sensors, performing annual tests, upgrading the software and more. A/C Low Voltage offers comprehensive system maintenance that keeps your alarm system functioning correctly. 

Alarm system repairs

After a storm, power outage, fire or another event, your security system may need repairs and updates. For example, physical components of the system may become damaged. Our team can perform necessary upgrades and repairs to restore your security system.

Trust the Security System Professionals at A/C Low Voltage

The friendly professionals at A/C Low Voltage have the experience you need for security system installation and maintenance. We’re proud to offer affordable, professional services to small businesses and families in Northwest Indiana. While national security system companies can be hard to contact during times of need, our team is available and local to help you whenever needed. So call us today a 219-252-1023 to get started with a new or upgraded alarm system.

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